Kendall/Curity Bedside Drainage Bag 4000cc

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  • Manufacturer: Kendall
  • Quantity Per Box: 1
  • Weight: 8.6 oz

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Specialty urinary drainage bags that include 4,000 mL capacity and 1,000 mL pediatric application.
Integrated collection system for both urethral and bladder urine collection.
Double bag keeps urethral and bladder urine separate.
Urethral catheter adapter accepts 4 Fr. to 8 Fr. sizes of catheters ,and feeding tubes.

Multiple clinical applications.
Breakaway safety feature disconnects urethral catheter when pulled.
Increased patient safety.
Closed-system aspirating port permits repeated fresh urine samples; the urethral catheter irrigation port may also be used for specimen collection.
Universal hanging device fits easily over bedrail and serves as carrying handle.