Incutech GX-tra Precut 3/4″ Seal

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  • Manufacturer: Dansac
  • Quantity Per Box: 30
  • Weight: 9 oz

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Dansac GX-tra Seals are designed to reduce the risk of leakage, protect your skin and increase the wear time of your appliance. They mold to the contor and dips of your body, sticking firmly to your skin and adhering to your wafer/skin barrier. The seals can be stretched, folded, molded to any shape and stacked together to give a perfect close fit. Made from a hypoallergenic hydrocolloid formula, the GX-tra Seals protect sensitive skin and promote a safe healing environment for sore or damaged skin. The cotton fibers hold in moisture to prevent melting and can increase appliance wear time. The Dansac GX-tra Seal can also be used in conjunction with Dansac Soft Paste.