Hollister Drainable Fecal Collector


  • Manufacturer: Hollister
  • Closure: Velcro
  • Quantity Per Box: 10
  • Weight: 14.9 oz

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Hollister Drainable Fecal Collector with Cut-to-fit FlexTend Tapered Skin Barrier 10″ L, Transparent, 500mL. The drainable fecal collector provides convenience and time savings for caregivers, and greater comfort and perianal skin protection for patients. Shielding the skin from irritating discharge, the synthetic skin barrier can be cut to fit an individual’s anatomy and accommodates even difficult-to-manage incontinence issues. Protects perianal skin. Thin, tapered Flextend skin barrier adheres securely and conforms to body contours for enhanced security and comfort Contains odor through its clinically proven 3-layer plastic film. Easy to use convenience drain for liquid drainage. 10/package