AutoLock 2-Piece Drainable Pouch – 4


  • Manufacturer: Convatec
  • Drain: Drainable
  • Color: Clear
  • Filter: No
  • Mounting: 4 inches
  • Pieces Per Unit: 2
  • Length: 11 inches
  • Quantity Per Box: 10
  • Weight: 12.25 oz

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One-touch, secure, innovative flanging system. Pouch locks automatically onto wafer with a single, light touch. Provides versatility, and can be removed or interchanged with other pouch types without removing skin barrier/wafer. Composed of a lightweight, plastic material that is odor-proof and quiet under clothing. Opaque pouches feature two-sided comfort panel, and transparent pouches feature one-sided comfort panel. Includes one tail closure per box. Transparent, 4″ flange, 14″ purple 10/pk