Assura 2-Piece Ileo Night Drainable Pouch – Red

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  • Manufacturer: Coloplast
  • Drain: Drainable
  • Color: Opaque
  • Filter: No
  • Closure: Velcro
  • Mounting: Red / 50mm
  • Pieces Per Unit: 2
  • Length: 40 inches
  • Quantity Per Box: 5
  • Weight: 15.9 oz

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Coloplast Assura Two-Piece Cut-to-fit High Output Ileo Night Drainable Pouch 9/16″ to 2″ Stoma Opening, 2″ Flange, 2 L, Transparent. The Assura High Output system is the solution to post surgery needs. Ileo Night Pouch provides large-volume drainage for a restful night, and a low risk of leakage or skin irritation. Holds up to 2 liters comfortably. Two-piece construction with easy-to-use Assura lock technology allows wound and stoma assessment.