Assura 2-Piece Closed Stoma Cap – Green

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  • Manufacturer: Coloplast
  • Drain: Non-Drainable
  • Color: Opaque
  • Filter: No
  • Closure: Urostomy Drain
  • Mounting: Green / 40mm
  • Pieces Per Unit: 2
  • Quantity Per Box: 30
  • Weight: 15.6 oz

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Coloplast Assura Two-piece Stoma Cap with Skin Barrier and Filter 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ Stoma Opening, 1-9/16″ Flange, Opaque, Secure Locking System. The Coloplast Stoma Cap was designed for discreet situations. mini security pouch with filter features an audible click locking system and can be used with SenSura Click and Assura Two-Piece skin barrier.