Ostomy Products to the Uninsured.  All you pay is shipping and handling.
CAN’T FIND SOMETHING? DON’T GIVE UP! Call 877-678-6690, and we’ll help meet your need.


Due to our upcoming relocation to another facility, Osto Group is TEMPORARILY SUSPENDING operations effective 4 pm Eastern time on Monday, 2/27/23.   If you are in need of supplies after 4 pm on Monday, 2/27/23, the following vendors are available with reasonable prices:

The Pouch Place 866-531-1285

Best Buy Ostomy Supplies 866-940-4555

Amazon and EBay

We have valued your patronage over the years and look forward to many more years of helping you with your supplies and needs.  Please keep checking back for our RE-OPENING ANNOUNCEMENTIf you are donating supplies, please send them to:

Osto Group

5773 Golden Eagle Circle

Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33418

Thank you for your patience, and we deeply appreciate your continuing support and patronage with us.



Osto Group is collecting and distributing vitally essential ostomy supplies to those ostomates ravaged by hurricanes, wildfires, flooding, tornadoes, etc.  You can help by donating only the following:

Pouches and wafers (all sizes, types, convex and flat), deodorants, paste, rings/seals and barrier strips/extenders.

Any help you can give to those who have lost everything will be deeply appreciated.  For questions, call Osto Group at 877-678-6690.

Please mark your boxes in the following manner and send them to:

Disaster Relief

Osto Group

5773 Golden Eagle Circle

Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33418

Our Mission

To meet the needs of those who have fallen on hard times by providing them with quality supplies and the necessities for living. In the course of accomplishing this task, we will never diminish the value of a person or the potential that they hold.
Our Values
It is our objective to insure that every individual receives service that is:
  • Accommodating
  • Courteous
  • Attentive
  • Prompt
  • Compassionate
We will provide these to the best of our ability.