• Are there limits on how much I can order each month? Yes, Osto Group has placed guidelines on how much a customer can purchase each month.  These guidelines follow published Medicare standards, and ensure that sufficiency is available to all customers including yourself when you return to reorder the next month.  Pouches are limited to 20 drainable pouches (1-piece or 2-piece) or 60 closed pouches or a combination of 10 drainable pouches and 30 closed pouches.  You may order up to 20 wafers each month for 2-piece pouches.  All accessories such as belts, paste, powder, deodorants, wipes, overnight drainable bags, pouch covers, barrier strips, etc., are limited to 2 units.  Lastly, you may order up to 20 seals/rings per month.
  • 7/9/21 Addendum – All of us at Osto Group recognize that your ostomy needs change from time to time depending on medication changes, dietary/stomach upset or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments.  Please know that our “guidelines” can be flexible as your needs require.  Simply call (877-678-6690) or let us know by e-mail how we can help meet your changing needs as those events require.