About Us

Osto Group has donated ostomy supplies and has been serving ostomates around the country since its move in May 2008 from California to Florida. Osto Group is a not-for-profit organization that receives donations of unused ostomy products from all over the country and serves ostomates from all around the country. It is always our objective and heartfelt commitment to show you respect, devotion, high-quality and expeditious service while continuing to meet your specific personal needs.

We realize that as the economy takes a downward turn all of us might tend to become concerned as to where our provisions will come from month to month. In light of this situation it is human nature to begin to stock up or maybe even feel you need to hoard supplies. Because we are donation based and do not have an over-abundance of any specific stock items, we are asking each of our customers to consider their neighbor and to only order for a maximum of one month trusting that when you have a need it will be here at Osto Group waiting for you. This will be difficult for some, but it is necessary for us so that we can be fair to all. We thank you all in advance for your restraint and know that ALL will be served according to their needs. We want to reassure you that Osto Group will be here for you regardless of what the economy or world situations may appear to be.



Osto Group is an affiliate of Wholeness House, a not-for-profit organization that provides outreach to people, who have encountered the storms of life, and a residence to women of all ages, who need a place of refuge.

Stephanie Sullivan


Stephanie Sullivan is a health care and business professional with 28 years of experience. She has a record of managing and directing small and mid-sized corporations both medical and business, which have seen substantial growth and development. She has a record of developing solid relationships with her clientele believing honesty, integrity, professionalism and attention to detail are foundational to a quality business.

After retiring from the Coast Guard where she received her nursing license and training, she managed a large private practice caring for a multitude of patient needs including seeking out resources from the community when there was no insurance available for their care.

After 10 years in this position, she transitioned from the medical community into business. She began by caring for a faltering corporation in the United Kingdom (Wales) and restored it from near bankruptcy status to a vibrant and vital company by reestablishing client communications and local public relations.

She was also responsible for revitalizing the bookkeeping and inventory systems of this mid-sized corporation.
From there she moved back to the United States and opened a physical therapy and rehabilitation center which ran successfully for 10 years with considerable growth each year.

In 2004 she left that corporation to return to the field of nursing and reestablish the skills and attachment to the community-in-need through ministry outreach. She began pursuing full-time ministry with her treasured friends and ministry partners, Marian Grace and Barbara Hymans, where she is the Executive Director of Wholeness House, Inc., a not for profit corporation.

This involvement in full-time ministry is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream of serving the requirements of the community and meeting the needs of those who need a hand up and not a hand out. It is her conviction that with the proper guidance and assistance all can move forward to some level of independence by showing non-judgmental love with clear communication and giving them a sense of value and worth so the process may begin.

Barbara Hymans


Barbara Hymans is an administrative, operations and technical professional with over 30 years experience and a consistent record of accomplishments in implementing large, small and mid-sized computer software systems, directing multiple departments, complex projects and large support staffs and volunteers.

She is a well-organized leader, who values excellence, develops key competencies in members, resolves conflicts with diplomacy and professionalism and consistently produces work of the highest caliber. During her years in the corporate environment she owned and operated her own successful consulting business that provided management and data processing expertise to clients from a variety of industries including the not-for-profit sector.

Additionally, she values the work ethic and organizational, marketing and entrepreneurial skills she gleaned from and attributes to her family’s profitable business of nearly 80 years.

Barbara left the corporate world in 2002 to return to ministerial work, her heart’s desire of serving people in need, which she had previously done on a part-time basis for over 25 years. She was employed fulltime as a hospice chaplain for 3½ years and recently began pursuing full-time ministry with her friends and ministry partners, Stephanie Sullivan and Marian Grace, in Wholeness House, Inc. where she is the Director of Administration.

Wholeness House is the ultimate culmination of her life’s work and the realization of an enduring dream to help, serve and assist people not only in the local community but throughout the world, who are hurting, lost and in need through love, compassion and mercy.

Marian Grace

Marian Grace has a variety of experience in the business community. She was employed as a registered real estate salesperson during the 1970’s in St. Petersburg, Florida and specialized in luxury beachfront condominiums with The Grace Group Realtors, a family owned business.

In the 1980’s she moved to West Palm Beach and worked for a number of years as a secretary for Crawford & Company Insurance Adjusting Company, which is known nationwide.

A desire to obtain more financial independence prompted her to return to school in the evening to train as a court reporter while managing a busy dental office during the day. Her goal having been realized, she was manager and owner of Marian Grace, Inc. while working for 15 years as a court reporter in Palm Beach County through mid-2007.

Today she is fulfilling her yearning and heartfelt vision to serve God and help hurting people. She is the Director of Finance of Wholeness House, a Christ-centered ministry and non-profit corporation, working alongside her two cherished friends and ministry partners Barbara Hymans and Stephanie Sullivan.